5 Top GYM Myths You don't know!

Top 5 GYM MYTHS You might not know!
We've visited many gyms and asked trainers and had done a lot of research and then we discovered top 5 MYTHS of GYM !!

Myth 1. You can crunch your way to great abs
You've probably been doing crunches since “gym” was something slotted between lunch and recess, but they're an ineffective way to get a true six-pack. Instead, experts say toned abs come from a combination of interval training, utilizing carbs effectively, getting adequate sleep, keeping your stress levels low, and of course, selecting the right training moves. “If you look at big bodybuilders with block abs, they're not getting those from crunches,” says personal trainer and strength coach Eric Allen. “They're getting them from squats, deadlifts, and chinups.”

Myth 2. Cardio comes first
Stand at the door of your gym and watch the next 10 people walk in. You’ll likely be observing a traffic jam at the treadmills. Yet the most effective way to organize your workout is to strength train first, and hit cardio second. “Running or doing other cardio first will reduce glycogen levels, which can prevent you from training as hard as you need to,” Allen explains. “On the other hand, weight training first will increase levels of testosterone and cortisol, both of which are beneficial to your workout.”

Myth 3. We should not squat below 90°
“The No. 1 fitness myth that I come across with my clients is that they shouldn't squat below 90 degrees,” Allen confides. His trainees quickly learn that squatting with knees over toes is a healthy, biomechanically safe move to do. In fact, we do it every day. “Squatting knees over the toes, butt to the floor, hamstrings covering calves, chest up is the most effective way to squat,” he assures. “Look at someone picking up something they've dropped off the ground—it’s a natural movement.”

Myth 4. You are not sweating, you haven't done enough workout
In reality, it depends on the focus of your workout, explains Allen. “An Olympic lifter training for pure strength will incorporate several minutes of recovery between lifts in order to let his nervous system recover for peak performance.” He may not be sweating, but he sure as hell is working hard. Before your start fretting about your sweating, zero in on whether endurance or strength is the focus of your training.

Myth 5. You need electrolytes after every workout
While sports drink commercials will work overtime to prove otherwise, good 'ol water can get you through many workouts. Electrolyte-pumped sports drinks are really only necessary for gym sessions or intense cardio workouts that last an hour or more. Extra sugar in sports drinks can impede the fat-burning process, so they should be reserved for those times when they're truly necessary.

These was top 5 MYTHS of GYM! there are many but we've shared the top ones do know any MYTH? or wanted to share something? Feel free to comment!
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